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Austin Community Land Trust

Creating Permanently Affordable
Homeownership Opportunities in Austin

The rising costs of land today can make buying a home more difficult. Land trust homes are more affordable because the organization covers the cost of the land beneath it. When you partner with Austin Community Land Trust (ACLT) to buy a home, you own the house and lease the land. 

Benefits to Austin Community Land Trust Homeowners  

Community land trusts make homeownership possible through greater affordability. Benefits to land trust homeownership include: 

  • Lower costs to own a home 

  • Better housing security than renting 

  • Payments you can afford 

  • Opportunity to build equity  

We have stunning renovated homes for sale. These homes are affordable and move-in ready for families with limited incomes.

How It Works

Follow these steps to affordable homeownership through Austin Community Land Trust: 

1.   Assess your eligibility 

To qualify to buy with us, you must: 

>> Be a first-time home-buyer.

>> Have a gross annual household income of less than 80% Austin Median Family Income

>> Have limited debt that is below Austin CLT's debt-to-income ratio limits.

>> Be willing and able to submit all required documentation to verify your eligibility.

2.  Prepare for your purchase & complete the requirements 

Before you buy, you'll need to:  

>> Complete a HUD-certified Homebuyer Education Course. 

>> Obtain a loan pre-approval letter from one of our approved lenders. 

3.   Apply for the lottery 

Completing the Austin Community Land Trust's Lottery Form lets us know that you are interested in becoming an ACLT homeowner and gives basic information about your eligibility.

4.   Find a Realtor of your choice to represent you

You have the option of using a realtor in your ACLT buying process. Staff can provide a few options if you would like.

How It Works
Image of a young family next to an image of a house. Text reads "A buyer purchases the house but leases the land underneath from Austin Community Land Trust."

An income-qualified buyer purchases the house but leases the land underneath from Austin Community Land Trust. They pay a minimal lease fee to the Community Land Trust and the Community Land Trust retains permanent ownership of the land. With the cost of the land removed, a home is more affordable. 

Infographic that includes an image of a house next to text. The text reads "With the cost of the land removed, a home is more affordable. "

ACLT homeowners earn 2% annually of the house as equity.

Animated Gif with the text: Community Land Trusts help the community  Individuals are what keep this city growing and thriving. Creating more affordable housing options allows diversity in our community to flourish.
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