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Eligibility Guidelines

Homes for First-Time Homebuyers

Austin Community Land Trust homes are designated for first-time homebuyers. 

The term first-time homebuyer includes previous homeowners who have not owned a home in the last 3 years and individuals who are displaced homemakers or single parents, as those terms are defined in the HOME Final Rules. A displaced individual who transferred their share of their homestead to an ex-spouse in a divorce settlement, or displaced due to a natural disaster is also considered a first-time homebuyer.  

Household Maximum Income

Applicants must have an income of no more than 100% of the Austin Median Family Income.

For income calculations, household size includes everyone (all ages) living in the unit. The table below shows the income limits by number of persons living in the home.

*Limited housing inventory is available at 100% MFI. Once household income exceeds 80%, 100%MFI income and pricing will apply.

Generational Ties to Austin
City of Austin Council Resolution No. 20180308‐010


The Austin Housing Finance Corporation Preference Policy strives to deliver equitable housing opportunities.


This pilot preference policy responds to Council Resolution No. 20180308‐010, which directed the City Manager to propose a preference policy that focused on generational ties to the city and household size, and included a method of prioritizing low‐ to moderate‐income (LMI) households who are displaced.

The Uprooted Project at the University of Texas at Austin

The Uprooted Project is a report on historical and ongoing displacement in Austin neighborhoods. Austin Housing Finance Corporation will prioritize households that reside or did reside (back to year 2000) in census tracts identified as gentrifying in the University of Texas at Austin’s Uprooted.

Screenshot of The Uprooted Project website

Required documentation:

  • Your government-issued photo identification (drivers' license, military ID, State ID, permanent ID, permanent resident alien card, etc.)

  • Your Social Security card

  • Proof of your household income (such as pay stubs or profit & loss statements)

  • Proof of household size (such as tax returns, and custodial documents)

  • Proof of generational ties (such as proof of previous address, and school records)

  • Your most recent utility bill

  • Your most recent bank statements

  • Copy of your Mortgage Lender's Pre-Approval Letter

  • HUD Homebuyer Education Certificate

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