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Application Questions
Where can I find the application?

When the application round is open- Check the tabs across the top of the webpage and click on “Apply Now.”

If I miss this lottery can I apply at another date?

Yes, the application will re-open when we have new homes to sell, or approximately every 60-90 days. Please subscribe to stay informed.


Do I need to reapply every lottery round?

No, you do not need to reapply. Once your application is in the system there is no need to reapply.


When will I know if I am picked?

Approximately 2 weeks after the close of the lottery we will inform the household (s) they were picked. At that time they will receive a link to upload the necessary documentation.


I do not have all the documents listed in the necessary documents list?

Please do your best to gather all the documents on the list. Most documents on this list are also required for the mortgage lender, so do your best to gather the documents listed. If your number is pulled in the lottery, and you have a ,please contact program staff and ask for alternative documentation.


What are the steps once I complete my online application?

1) Complete Homebuyer Education at a HUD Certified Counseling Agency 

2) Complete 1 hour of one on one counseling with your HUD Certified Counseling Agency

3) Complete a loan pre-approval with one of the preferred lenders below

Once the three steps are completed we will evaluate your household income and documentation.

How much money do I need to close on an ACLT Home?

We do not know your exact cash to close, but your mortgage lender can assist with approximate numbers after you apply. You will need $1,000 Earnest Money to secure your contract, in addition to cash you will bring to the home closing.

The number in my household has changed or may change after I apply? Can I update my application?

The online self-certification (application) is a “snapshot” of your present household situation. If your lottery number is pulled you can alert the staff at that time of a change to your household situation.


Program Questions
What are “generational ties?”

The Preference Policy Pilot implemented through the Austin Community Land Trust (ACLT) are provided in response to Resolution No. 20180308‐010 (Resolution), which directed the City Manager to propose a preference policy that relates to the distribution of affordable housing units for low‐ and moderate‐income households based on generational ties to the city and a policy that relates to the distribution of units based on household size. This includes homeownership and for low‐ and moderate‐income households who are displaced.

  1. households that currently reside or did reside (back to 2000) in census tracts identified as gentrifying in the University of Texas study, Uprooted;

  2. households that have been displaced since 2000 due to natural disaster, government action, or from properties triggering the City’s Tenant Notification and Relocation Assistance Ordinance or the federal Uniform Relocation Act; and

  3. households that have immediate family residing in the city.


Does this program help with down payment and closing cost?

The program does assist with some of the closing costs, but there are also other programs that can assist, including:

Be sure to speak to your mortgage lender about any other opportunities that may be available.


Mortgage questions
Do you have suggested mortgage lenders?

We have preferred lenders that have worked with our affordable programs in the past.

  • Ben Gordon, Cadence Bank, Sr. Loan Officer, NMLS#  905377

       Cadence Bank, 901 S. MoPac Bldg 2, ste 355 Austin Tx 78746

       Cell 512-560-2191

NMLS #219210 | Company NMLS #3274, Apply Here


NMLS ##508398 | Company NMLS #3013, Apply Here 

707-303-2902 ​​


How do I find out if I can be approved for a mortgage loan?

First, we encourage you to complete a homebuyer education class Homebuyer Education and Assistance |, Home ( The certificate is required to purchase a home from ACLT, and will also help you understand the steps for purchasing a home. The best and only way to know if you can get a mortgage loan is to apply for a mortgage pre-approval.


Is there a minimum credit score for the program? Is there a minimum income?

No, there is not a minimum credit score nor a minimum income. However, mortgage lenders and banks do have minimum credit scores for their programs. Incomes also determine how much house one can qualify to purchase through financial institutions.

What is a “ground lease,” and what happens once I pay off the home?

The Austin Community Land Trust (ACLT) is unique in that it separates the ownership of the house from the land. It creates affordable housing by taking the cost of land out of the purchase price of an ACLT Home. The ground lease is the payment covering you renting the land where the house is located. Once you pay off the home, you will still need to pay the ground lease, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and all other bills/ utilities associated with your home.


How much is the ground lease?

The current ground lease amount is $50/ month.


How do I view the homes, and in what condition are the homes?

You can view the homes by checking the website Homes for Sale | ACLT-Homes. All the homes have been renovated. All major systems have been repaired or replaced along with some cosmetic updates.


If I decide to sell my ACLT home, will I have equity?

Yes, all ACLT homes gain 2% equity, simple interest for every year you own the home.

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